T0-R0 is an engineering model of a martian exploration and assistance rover able to fulfill tasks of navigation, maintenance, collection and retrieval of scientific samples.

The rover implements a 6 DoF robotic arm, a rocker-boogie mobility system with slip-steering ability and exchangeable end-effectors.

T0-R0 weighs 60 kilograms, travels at a maximum speed of 4km/h and has up to 40 minutes of autonomy.

Team DIANA started the project for the development of T0-R0 in 2016.
In 2008 the Team participated with T0-R0 to European Rover Challenge in Starachowice, Poland scoring the 15th place among 65 competing rovers.

The development of T0-R0 lasted three years and saw the Team collaborating with Msc Software, Igus, Altec, Maxon Motors among others and creating strong partnerships with sponsors.