Ardito is the fourth rover of Team Diana, equipped with a robotic arm and a drilling system. Designed to tackle challenging terrains and harsh environments, Ardito is built with cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. Its arm allows the rover to manipulate and interact with objects, while its core drill enables it to collect and analyze samples from rocks and soil. With its advanced sensors and cameras, Ardito can navigate through the toughest landscapes and gather valuable data for scientific research. This versatile and sturdy rover is a true asset to the team’s exploration efforts.
ARDITO can move at a maximum speed of 10 km/h and overcome obstacles up to 50 cm in height through its powerful wheels, made of high-strength steel, which are also able to absorb and dampen shocks. Thanks to its six-wheel drive system and autonomous navigation technology, the rover can also operate in rough and sloped terrain.

With its powerful hand, ARDITO is able to handle objects up to 15 kg and operate on complex panels. A camera positioned close to the fingers helps the operator during the execution of the most difficult tasks while pressure sensors positioned on the fingers allow to adjust the force the rover applies to manipulated objects, ensuring precision and delicacy during operations.

The core drill sistem, specifically designed for surface mining operations enables ARDITO to collect and analyze samples from rocks and soil. The core drill system works by drilling into the ground and extracting a cylindrical core of rock or soil material from the subsurface. Once the core is removed, it is carefully transported to the surface for the analysis phase, where it is examined in detail to determine its composition, mineral content, and geological properties.