T0-R0: Astronaut Assistant Rover

T0-R0 is an astronaut assistant rover prototype, on which the team is currently working with the objective of taking part in Universities competitions, such as the European Rover Challenge (ERC).



In the ERC competition, teams coming from many universities all around the world will challenge each other testing their own rovers, which will have to accomplish 4 fundamental tasks:

  • Giving assistance to astronauts operating outside the housing structures
  • Doing maintenance on electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Conducting scientific research by collecting soil samples and doing preliminary analysis
  • Crossing rough and arduous terrain

In order to attend the competition the rover has to meet some requirements, that change every year. Moreover the Team has to provide periodic reports to keep record of progress made.

Our rover: T0-R0

Thanks to the “rocker-bogie” locomotion system with 6 wheels, 4 of which are motor wheels, the rover can cross rough terrain, climb slopes up to 60° and reach a maximum speed of 3 km/h.

The robotic arm has 6 degrees of freedom of movement and allows the rover to pick up objects of maximum 5Kg weight, perform manteinance on electric boards and take soil samples.

It’s possible for the rover to create a 3D map of the sorroundings thanks to its steroscopic cameras and computer vision algorithms; this increases its ability to manage itself independently.