DIANA Team is a Student Team born inside the Polytechnic University of Turin, that works in Research and Development in the field of Space Robotics.

In the Mechanical Department SolidWorks is used as CAD modeller. MSC Patran and Nastran ans FEM structural Simulators and MSC Adams is used for Dynamical and Kinematic multibody analysis, giving the chance to members to develop advanced skills with these tools.

The Electronic Division designs, builds and debugs PCB boards with SMD componentsusing softwares such as Spice, KiCad and Eagle in the Microelectronics Laboraory. It also develops Software on Atmega microcontrollers and STM32 wich interacts with the Rover through serial UART, CAN an I2C communication.

The Computer Science Department develops softwares in several programming languages to control all the functions ot the Rover and its communication system. It is also working on a Computer Vision technology based on stereoscopic vision.

We successfully participated in the 2018 edition of the European Rover Challenge with our Rover T0-R0.

This year we will develop a new Rover, based on T0-R0, improved according to the experience gained during the competition.

The Core objectives, for this year, will be:

The Development of a Rocker-Boogie based mobility system with engines embedded in the wheels

Designing of a Chassis built of Composite Material

Complete automation of the Rover System software with the use of AI

Long Distance Communication System for Rover control and telemetry

Devlopment of a platform for scientific analysis on soil samples

If you are interested but still have some doubts please read the FAQ or contacts us on our Social Profiles or by e-mail here.