Past Events

  • European Rover Challenge - September 14-16, 2018 - Starachowice, Poland

    The European Rover Challenge is the biggest space and robotics event in Europe. It is a four-days event consisting of a challenge between “martian” rover developed by several Student Teams from around the world. Moreover the event will be enriched by lectures and discussions about space and robotics exploration.

    DIANA Team will participate in the event with its new rover T0-R0, specifically designed for the competition. This Edition of the ERC will be the first DIANA Team will take part in. Therefore it will be a testing ground for all the wrok done in the past year, but also a starting point for a new adventure.

  • Mars to Earth Conference - 11th-12th of May 2018 - ``Palazzo Lombardia``, Milan

    The Mars to Earth conference is organised by the Italian Mars Society. The theme of the Event is results of Space Research programs which can directly be helpful for every day life here on Earth.

    DIANA Team will attend the Conference to present its activity in the field of Robotics Applications for Space Exploration. The main focus will be on our latest project T0-R0, an astronaut-assisting rover, developed for attending university competitions. Moreover, AMALIA, first project developed by the Team and designed for Moon exploration, will be present at the event.

  • ``Bambini e Bambine un giorno all'Università`` - 6th-11th of May 2018 - Polytechnic University of Turin

    The event “Bambini e Bambine un giorno all’Università” (Children a day at University) is organised by the City of Turin with the aim to build symbolic links between children and the University community. During the event, Children have the opportunity to discover new things through funny and interesting activities carried out by university professors and students.

    The path includes a stop-over to DIANA Team, where, after a brief presentation of our activity, children were asked to draw an immaginary prototype of an exploration rover. Some of these drawings are shown below.

  • ``Salone dell'Orientamento`` - 16th and 17th of April 2018 - Polytechnic University of Turin

    The Event, organised by the Polytechnic University of Turin, is a two-day orientation meeting for prospective students of Upper Secondary Schools.

    Playing an important part in the educational field, the DIANA Team, together with other Polytechnic’s Student Teams, will attend the event. Moreover, our project T0-R0, a “rover” designed to participate in universties competitions, will be present at our stand.

  • European Researchers' Night - 29th of September 2017 - Castle Square, Turin

    The European Researchers’ Night is a public event organised by the European Union which aims to set up a continent-wide date between scientists and citizens.

    As a Student Team of the Polytechnic University of Turin, DIANA Team will be present among the stands in Castle Square where curious and/or interested people can have a closer look to our activity,