Q: I’m a first-year Bachelor’s student. May I join the Team anyway?

A: Yes. It’s going to take some time, but you’ll learn everything you need to work in the team. We always encourage everyone to learn new things during the activities instead of using just whay you already know. You’ll learn all the basic knowledge during the courses, but here you can improve your technical skills by performing simple tasks. For example if you are a Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering student you will learn how to use CAD softwares and how to conduct simple analysis. Electronic and Computer Engineering students will learn to program and to create basic digital circuits.


Q: Is it possible to write a Thesis about the Team activities?

A: Yes. Many Bachelor’s and Master’s students have written their thesis about the work done by the team. Sometimes more experienced students or the Academic Advisor will recommend some thesis topics. Also the student himself can propose a thesis after majoring in a specific field.


Q: Is it possible to replace 6-CFUs with the Team activities?

A: Sometimes. For the Bachelor’s courses which allow it, we can consider the possibility to replace a 6-CFUs course. In order to do this, we want the student to be constantly active during the development process: working hard and getting good results are the key-conditions. The student must have joined the team for at least 6 months and write a reportĀ  in LaTeX about the work done.


Q: Do you use any softwares in your activities? Are the softwares you are using common in the industry?

A: Yes, of course. We use many softwares which are often used in the automotive/robotic/aerospace industry. Some of them are taught in the university courses, some others are learnt during the Team activities. Here a list of the most common softwares we use:

  • Matlab
  • Solidworks
  • Eagle
  • Gazebo


Q: Does joining a university students Team benefit my career?

A: Yes. Many of the students who joined the Team in the past confirm that this experience helped them to be ready for their first and that their employers appreciated it. The activity is very often considered by them a real job, especially when it’s possible to show something you have built.


Q: How often does the Team meet up?

A: Once a week. The day and the time are decided by the single students subgroups.


Q: Wonderful, how can I join the team?

A: Fill in this form. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Q: I think Team DIANA’s activities are really interesting, but I am not really sure whether I would like to join the Team or not. May I ask for more information?

A: Yes, of course. Send an e-mail to info@teamdiana.itĀ . You can also ask to see our laboratory or join one of our weekly meetings.

Do you have any other question?